All content © Robert Williamson

All content © Robert Williamson

Monday, February 25, 2008

Historic Fly Patterns

Much of my fly tying has been influenced by some of the great western fly tiers. Through my teen years I fished Pott Hair Flies down and across. I learned this technique from my dad. He taught my brohter and me that Pott's flies were all we needed and we took it to heart. When the Pott flies became more difficult to obtain, it sent me into the fly tying arena. At first, I just tried to copy the hair flies but soon realized what a neat, creative hobby fly tying is. I'm still fascinatd by the historic flies and the men who created them. Many of them came up with ideas, techniques and materials that were not necessarily the "norm." These historic patterns are being presented and preserved at www.

This is a neat site if you are interested in some of the historic patterns that were created for fly fishing the wild rivers in Montana and other areas of the Rockies.

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JayMorr said...

Nice post. Potts flies are amazing. There are a few guys up at the Idaho show that replicate them. I have a couple of those flies in my fly tying collection.

Great stuff.