All content © Robert Williamson

All content © Robert Williamson

Monday, July 28, 2008


Fished another little creek and picked up some more beautiful cutthroat.

I like to hike inot this stream for the day. It has about three to four miles of fishable water. I will usually pack in some tin-foil and make a small fire and cook two of these trout for lunch.

I usually only make one or two trips in during the summer. I think I'll go in and try it this fall too.



Monday, July 21, 2008


Most of the cutts were about this size. Fun to catch on hoppers. The hoppers were jumping through the long meadow grasses as seen in the background.


This cutt was taken from the grassy run in the background. This was the smaller of two trout sitting in water that was ankle deep. This was a section of overflow from a beaver dam. These trout may have wondered up this offshoot during the spawn and a little higher water.


This brown was taken in the small shallow water in the background. The width of the water was no bigger than a sidewalk. I could see the trout holding in the current. I stood back about ten feet and landed my leader and hopper just over the grass. Without hesitation the brown rushed up and inhaled the hopper. Great fun!

Small Creek and Skittish Trout. Just the Way I Like it!

This is the creek I fished to complete my assignment to fish the smallest possible creek and catch some fish. I could literally step over it in some places. There were also overflows from beaver dams that had water in them, as one of the pictures will show. I'm sure the beaver use them as travelways to and from the trees. I caught a cutthroat in one of them too.

Overall, I had a great time on this little water and was fishing by sound and feel in some of the corner pools and undercut banks. I'll try to post more on the adventure when I get time.

Hopper Caught Brown Trout

I was given the assignment (by Nightfish) to fish the smallest creek I could find; something I could actually staddle and catch a trout.

I found one and caught this brown trout on a Twisted Foam Hopper. In fact, all the trout I caught were on the hopper.

It was a neat little creek with lots of skittish browns and cutthroat.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Can't beat the scenery and the bending rod at Lee's Ferry!


My nephew went down to Lee's Ferry over the weekend and landed some pretty rainbows. He said they were smacking big dries on top (I think cicada) but not sure. I'll try to post a shot with some of the beautiful scenery in the background.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Time to Hit it Hard

I think most of the rivers and streams are down and fishable now. The exception is the Logan. It's still to high for me, although, I know others who are fishing it now. The upper stretches opened this past weekend so I'll probably take a trip up sometime this week.

I've been fishing the Blacksmith Fork and it's tributaries, and have been catching my share of 8 to 14 inch trout. The tributaries have been fun with larger dry flies. I've been slinging a size 12 Looped Foam Cicada: black body with an orange, red, or green head. The trout seem to jump right on it. Of course, they may just jump on anything that hits the water. They don't seem to picky on patterns. Stealth is the key to success---along with a good presentation.

I talked with some Utah Division of Wildlife Resource employees last week and they mentioned that the snakes (rattlers) are out and about. I saw a dead one on the road towards the mouth of the canyon and saw a fly fisherman carrying a shed skin up from the bank of the river. Watch your step and where you place your hand when climbing around.

I'm hoping to hit it hard now. I'll try to get pictures to go with the adventures.