All content © Robert Williamson

All content © Robert Williamson

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


June 2, 2008 I found a bunch of stoneflies in the bankside willows on the Ogden River. I'm not sure this picture does justice to the orange body. Some have speculated that the orange body on many of the artificials is detrimental but after looking at the naturals, orange is the color that stands out.


cutthroat stalker (scott) said...


Great pictures of the salmonflies. You didn't mention fishing with a salmonfly pattern. How's that going? Using your inflatable pattern? I've had great success with bright orange body. I did notice that a darker orange, almost a reddish hue, were not nearly as successful as the pumpkin orange color.

Wildnative said...

I was up in your woods on Wednesday evening the 4th of June. Overcast night. Didn't do a lot of searching for the bugs, but I tried one anyway. I had about 10 hits and only one hook-up on the twisted foam pattern. I'm going back to try the air bug.