All content © Robert Williamson

All content © Robert Williamson

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Chain Gang!

Getting ready for a few mayfly hatches. Just a handful of Blue-winged Olive, Pale Morning Dun and Mahogany Dun mayflies tied with the chain_stitched body technique.


bpetersen said...

Those are some great lookin' flies. I hope to someday reach your level of talent!!

Wildnative said...

You can do it. It's not hard once you see it done. Keep at it.

Colby D said...

You've such beautiful flies. I was like a giddy little school girl when I won them at the Expo.

Wildnative said...

Thanks for the comments (compliments). Glad you won the flies and hope you have success using them!

pat said...

Sweet Flies Wild. Hope your summer is full of huge fish man.