All content © Robert Williamson

All content © Robert Williamson

Monday, July 28, 2008


Fished another little creek and picked up some more beautiful cutthroat.

I like to hike inot this stream for the day. It has about three to four miles of fishable water. I will usually pack in some tin-foil and make a small fire and cook two of these trout for lunch.

I usually only make one or two trips in during the summer. I think I'll go in and try it this fall too.


Cutthroat Stalker said...

Those are some pix that really make me jealous Robert--pretty little cutts in a tucked away place. I can smell the wood-smoked trout from here. Mmmmmmmmm.....

Wildnative said...

If you'd have known the wild goose chase I made before I finally ended here, you wouldn't be so jealous. I was tipped off about another place and ended up driving a lot more than I planned. I should have went straight to this creek and cut out about 200 miles of wandering.

Alistair said...

In the world of small streams size does not matter when it comes to trout :-)